Friday, February 20, 2009

Saved by Solatube

Solatube in action

I live in a converted garage. It's true. I don't inhabit a quaint ranch house as some think.
It's a 900sq foot box with bad lighting. Because it's a garage it was sited as such on the property so it's tucked into the trees away from much direct sunlight. Sometime last winter I was complaining to a builder friend of mine about how dark and depressing the house was. He asked me if I had heard about Solatube. I had in fact heard of these shiny light tubes and I very quickly found a local company who came out and gave me an estimate for a few of them. The Solatube is a fancy skylight but it's smaller and easier to install, there is a lens on the end of it so the light that comes in gets spread around more. It's like a giant potlight. Last summer when GW Bush sent us our stimulus check I bought my Solatube and I have to say that it was well worth the money. Even on overcast winter days my living room is well lit instead of pitch black. My electricity bills were less this winter and overall having more natural light in the house just feels healthier. So a big shout out to Solatube for improving our lives a lot.

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