Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture

Holistic Homestead Bounty

Spring is coming and everyone is talking about planting and all that good stuff. Times are tight and I know loads of people are starting their own gardens which is a good thing. After my fore´ into the world of food growing last year—I really barely got my toes wet—it is clear to me I am not one of those food growing types. My whole gardening philosophy is to put in things that need little care, this is not a good approach when growing food. My solution is to support one of the local organic growers in my neighborhood. With cash in my hot little hands I gave my deposit check to Gretchen Woody of Holistic Homestead . Her farm is located about 8 miles from my house and last year when my farming efforts were failing I signed up for a half season with her. It was awesome. This year I thought I would get a jump on it, these farmers need cash come spring so I was happy to give it. I take pride in serving my family healthy food that is grown near by and I am also proud to help another small business person. If you love vegies, consider a CSA, there are many of them in the area and farmers are grateful for early sign-ups. Seeds cost money you know and farmers need to eat so that in turn we can eat.

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Gretchen said...

Thank you Rowan! It's true when you stopped me at the post office and wrote me check on the spot, I thought "Oh my God, you've got to be @!$@#$^#!% kidding me... people really do care." I did actually go straight to the grocery store to buy some food for our home and completed a seed order sitting on ready for the sugar snap peas. (funny that's the pic you used).

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