Thursday, September 4, 2008

Firewood, finally.

I've been sort of silently freaking out about my lack of firewood now that fall seems to be fast approaching. It's way past the time that I generally find a few reasonably priced cords and coerce Mark into completely straining himself by chopping it all up in one go. With gas prices on the rise cord prices were going crazy too and a few of the local wood connections I had dried up. I have plenty of wood on my place but that takes time and a fair amount of effort. I need about 3 cords to keep the place comfortable through the winter. My sisters partner cut at least a cord in the winter, I helped by splitting and stacking it. I look at that little wood pile very proudly but it was also a reminder that I needed to get serious about getting some more. I felled 3 trees earlier in the spring, thinking I would limb them and buck them myself. I never got around to it. Last week an industrious neighbor stopped by and offered up wood cutting services. Thank the universe that watches over me.

He cut up the trees, making neat piles of the limbs and bucked rounds. I collected them up in our little trailer pulled by the rider mower. I split and stacked the lot and I think I have another cord. The wood is a bit wet and will need some time to dry, which it will do under our sweet carport. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment, I got my wood further along and helped out a member of my neighborhood community. In total my neighbor cut up the 3 trees I cut down plus 3 more that were too big for me to tackle with my saw. Additionally, he brush-hogged the whole area where the pigs were last year and also cut the blackberries off my manure pile. It was heavenly.

I have a cord each of alder and cedar and now I just need a load of fir. Dry fir if possible.

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Brian said...

Hey ho- So I'm visiting your blog to be inspired by the witty and oft profound words of the Mayor of Rowanville. The reason being because I'm applying for a JOB [details forthcoming], and need to appear smarter than I really am.

And here I see the annual wood chuck call for timber. I too have this on my mind, and am here to let you know that I may have a line on some more wood - possibly fir.

Call if interested in either topic: wood/job.


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