Friday, May 30, 2008

Eddy in the Morning

This morning when I went in to say good morning to Eddy he was bright and eager to ask me if he had been having some sort of memory lapse. He was very animated and spoke with purpose. He could not quite find the words to describe what he was feeling and instead he rubbed at his head in a swirling motion, demonstrating the confusion. Trying to piece it together I give no answers, he is feeling grateful for who he is and the opportunities available to him because of his skills and abilities as a dress designer, a pattern maker. He could get a job in the needle trade he said, fixing sewing machines, because he has to have a job anything to provide for his family. He looks out the window and sees the old family farm in Guelph-he is reminded there is a living to be made on the farm as well.

After awhile I remind him that he has some short term memory loss which he seems to accept but does not dwell on. He points out that he knows me and my name and he knows the dog. All in all he says he's in pretty good shape and position, he looks out the window again and says I have a car down there, I can get around. (Note here; the car is mine, Eddy has not driven in 5 yrs).

I am fascinated by his lucid moments.

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