Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't slash those wrists just yet...

It really feels as if we are in some kind of weird pre-apocalyptic state. It has been gray for a very long time and it is affecting my mood profoundly. On a good day I struggle to manage my thoughts and feelings but this weather is proving to be very challenging. My only defense currently is to lay off the depressants and ramp up the exercise, I am also on a strict diet of cute images that seem to momentarily cheer me up. Like the photos my mother in law Bar sent me of a depressed Tigress raising some piglets after her tiger cubs died at birth. The zoo had dressed the pigs in little tiger suits, it was super cute and I felt happy for about 13.5 minutes.

My doctors office has just called partway through this entry to inform me that my vitamin D levels are really low and that they want me to take a mondo supplement twice a week. Of course I was thinking I don't want no stinking supplement but then the cheerful receptionist informed me that a low level of vitamin D can cause depression, heart disease and a litany of other horrible afflictions. I backed up a moment because at first I thought she was saying that the supplement caused depression. In my depressed state I was having trouble understanding what she was saying I guess. How serendipitous. I have been not wanting to blog because I have been feeling so very negative and now like manna from heaven I have been offered an interesting chance to see if I can alter my mood without actually signing up for dreaded anti-depressants.

Stay tuned and keep sending the cute pics just in case.



the supermama said...

Wish I had some cute pics to send along in the meantime, will keep my eyes out... xoxo

the supermama said...

AHA, I've got it!

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