Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good news everywhere

Was thinking the grief work was done but here it is 2.5 months later and it has manifested itself into my lungs and sinuses. What's a girl to do beyond eating a ton of wasabe and coughing my guts out. The pain in my face has disappeared and that is a good thing. I digress. I got home yesterday to find a note from tenants letting me know that they had left for Massachusetts early. I went to say hello to the pet-sitter they worked out an arrangement with. She presented herself to me as a body healer on a vision quest, fresh from Sedona, Az. Giddy-up I say. This could be good. I could get her to work this grief thing out for good. It's always interesting when these opportunities arise, as if from nowhere.

N came to dinner the other night and she mentioned that she was going to lease the field again and focus on about 8 crops, raspberries being the biggest. I thought why don't we farm it together, with Cat and Lo, and N told me that she had been thinking about a women's cooperative farm. I talked to Cat later and she was totally in. Next we need to figure out how to make another bread oven. Nan also said she would consider some meat crops, maybe turkeys.

Is all very interesting how things fall together. I am looking forward to some healing and plans for the garden in spring.

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