Monday, October 22, 2007

First Blog Entry

Here I am writing my first blog entry. So exciting. I feel suddenly with it.

So now what? Which aspect of my daily experience should I write about? My work, my place, my extended family, my kid. It's endless.

I choose my place.

Today we made some headway on the carport. Even though it was Monday and I should have been in my office, the lure of Mark out banging nails was too strong and not much got done indoors today. Oh well. I constantly remind myself that the place is an investment and must be maintained and upgraded. This work is valid too, it's just that when I do come in to find phone messages and emails form clients I feel the twinge of guilt. As I stated earlier, oh well.

I hope Catriona made it home safely with her share of the pork, and is not being interrogated by customs while the pork thaws out in her co-op car.

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