Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 2

Actually it's day three. I got caught up with how my Blog looks, sadly I have no time to dig around and figure it out.

I saw a dead beaver on Monday while taking Pearl to school. It rained a lot on Sunday night and there is a place on the Sorenson Rd where the water encroaches on the road. The beaver must have swum out there and then been hit by a car. On my way home I slowed down to get a good look at it's tail. It really does have a criss cross pattern on it and is extremely thick.

Later on in the morning I went out again to FTP some files at LG's place with my sister and the beaver was gone. Not just drug off the road by some passing motorist but completely gone. I can only assume someone is right now stuffing it for their collection of taxidermied beasts. I would have grabbed it had it not been so large. I bet it outweighed Pearl.

It got sunny this afternoon but I was on the couch, still doing my grief work. Am almost done with it about 2.5 months. Thank god.

Had a great dinner with N. we talked about a womens coop farm. I like the idea and will discuss it with Cat and Lo. The thing is that there is a farm there to work instead of here where there is only lawn. Will discuss it with the gals.

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