Wednesday, October 1, 2014


One week post radioactivity. Yesterday I thought I detected a very metallic taste and odor. Does radiation taste. It passed. Pink insulation on the side of the road reminds me of flesh. Flesh with blood drained out, fur thrown free. I soaked in the tub and scrubbed my skin until it gave up little radioactive flesh rolls that look like gray splinters. I take extra care when I rinse the bathtub but is it enough? I don't feel capable of dealing with radioactive material unsupervised. Is the radioactivity hiding there, an invisible cloud. Or is it just inside me. At the weekend, we decide not to make love, as a precaution. All of my secretions are suspect. I discard my toothbrush and used q-tips. At the border I set the radiation alarm off as predicted but inside behind a special closed door 2 detectors fail to read what's actually in me. The device guesses Industrial Barium. I wait 45 minutes and then am approved to go home. The exercise is ridiculous and the border officer jokes with me and I am forced to joke back. My flesh knows how to react to many situations. At the hospital before the scan they wrap me up in warm blankets and the bed vibrates gently as they image me from head to toe. I drift in and out, it is not unpleasant, my flesh relaxes and I stay so still, I want to make a good image.

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Brenda J Walker said...

What does it mean?
When I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 2001, I was on the path to having very similar procedures to yours until I met Huy Hoang at the Natural Health Medical Center in LA. It took four years of weening off meds, riding out thyroid "storms," reducing stress and changing my diet, but I eventually achieved remission. Though I swear it has made me more eccentric... maybe that's just the near side of 50.

So I have followed what you've been going through... it wasn't cancer so I was lucky. But I was surprised by the ease with which the medical professionals were interested in shuttling me down the least expensive path for my insurer. Kill the thyroid and take thyroxine for the rest of my life.

I hope you are feeling well today and I hope that the results from the report are positive.

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