Thursday, January 20, 2011

"R" in the background

I spontaneously brushed the dog in a show of love today. I was bored I'll admit and it seemed like a nice thing to do. She enjoyed it but she did look a little nervous, she knows this is not my normal M.O.. Today was long and I kept wanting to call my tenant and invite her over for tea or something just so I could talk to someone. I pressed on and made this painting instead and completely missed the time when I usually go up the driveway to meet Pearl. She suddenly appeared at the door and I was surprised by the time having become completely absorbed in activity. I need to make a massive to do list because I have quite a lot to get done but it's all floating around loose in my head making me feel unfocused. I needed to make the painting though and now I feel a little calmer and more willing to focus on what's at hand, whatever that is. I wish I had one of those crazy glass walls they have in CSI where there are all these different levels of information floating in space and the actors can point at things and they expand and contract and link up with connecting information. That's what's in my brain right now only it's like I am viewing it from the wrong side so it's all backwards. Better make that list before I just crumple onto the couch under a book.


Jack Velvet said...

Yes, a very beautiful painting. I like the writing too. Good work.

Paula O'Brien said...

Nice one! Good for you. At least you are in the friggin' studio. I still can't find my way there yet this year.

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