Monday, August 2, 2010

Packing and Un-Packing

I am packing up to go home today. I will unpack when I get home and on Wednesday I will pack up again. I am getting really good at this after 8 years of this cross border affair known as my life. I seem to be always either coming or going and in the summer it compounds because in addition to the usual back and forths there are little trips here and there which of course involve packing. I am quite good at it I find and the order of it pleases me and gives me a small sense of control over things. Underpants, scarves, jeans, dresses. I have become a more efficient dresser as a result. Everything goes with everything. I can turn 5 items of clothing into 10 outfits. I am like a living magazine layout for a fun summer getaway. Ha.

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