Thursday, August 5, 2010

Email from my brother

I was flying by Johns Peak today in the Unik River region of north west BC, talking with the pilot Chris Hamilton a kiwi guy. He mentioned he had flown around the peak the other day and said he saw what he thought to be a bowling ball.

I put that ball on top of that peak with a helicopter in 1989. One of the boys bought it in a second hand store as a gift for our breakfast cook at the time Julie Hillier. It was purple metallic with Julie inlaid into it. I'm sure she loved it dearly but left it in camp when she went home and it was kicking around my office. I thought I would do some thing cool with it just to keep the archeologists' guessing that there was intelligent life in the region.

It was a little faded but miraculously has survived 21 years atop that mountain at 7000 ft. For future reference put the finger holes down to prevent splitting from the freeze thaw cycles.


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