Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spring! Spring?

Pictured here is a fragrant Honeysuckle, a gift from my good friend Binda Colebrook. It lives along the path between my studio and the house. It's one of the first plants in the garden to bloom in the early spring and it's fragrance is out of this world. I find it hard not to stop and sniff the air as I pass by. The Hellebores are up too but somehow they are not as significant this year. Normally, in cooler winters when the weather is more extreme the Hellebores appear in spite of the snow and declare the promise of spring. This year, spring just seems to have arrived on it's own before my yearning for it even began. I ate my lunch outside in the full sun today soaking up the natural vitamin D. The morning was cooler and we had a good frost in the night but it wasn't enough to arrest the force of spring now that it has a foothold. I imagine the rain will come again, it usually does but until then I will enjoy this sun and all the life that is bursting forth around me. How lucky we are to be alive and experience spring once again and the renewal it brings with it.

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