Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tough Room

Had a slightly tough day at the office today. Of course you're thinking what is she talking about, she works alone, at home. Occasionally I do venture out to meet clients and make presentations and today was one such day. Normally I am on my own in these situations defending my process and product but lately I have been collaborating with a small team and I have to say I am enjoying it. When normally all the pressure is focused on me, for this project there are three of us and it makes a huge difference in the impact of the feedback we get. I am not even going to say it was negative feedback. I won't label it as good or bad, those are not useful labels. It was feedback and my plan is to rerun it in my head and do what I can to take it or defend our approach and remain committed to that direction (which I feel pretty certain is correct). When we get farther along I will share the project, right now though it is still an idea in it's infancy and it must be nurtured not judged. I'm tired. These meeting do take it out of me but when I wake up tomorrow and I have done my writing the ideas will flow again. It is a process, it is only a process and some people feel nervous at the uncertainty of it. I don't, I relish the excitement as you get to the brink with an idea.

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