Friday, January 22, 2010

Font Hunting

I'm font hunting. Specifically I am looking for a good script font and I feel like one of those bad clients who can't articulate what they want but knows what they don't want when they see it. I need something that will look good with a bold slab serif, it needs to have a bit of weight to it but not too much. I can't be cute but it should be a little playful and nostalgic of 1940's advertising. There are zillions of fonts available these days and I am amazed by how many of them don't appeal to me, at all. What is wrong with me, what is wrong with typography? I'm not sure. I watched a bit of Helvetica again the other day. It's so soothing and reassuring to see. In my perfect design world all my design problems could be solved by the 21 weights of Univers, or some similarly austere germanic font. Alas this is not to be for even I get bored occasionally and feel the urge to friendly it up a bit. Today the perfect script is what I need, back to the search.

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Anonymous said...

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