Friday, October 9, 2009

This Week In Design

Here are a few logos I designed this week for a non-profit client in Brooklyn, NY. Am happy to do this work as the client is my first best friend from childhood in Smithers, B.C. . I think number 2 may be the fave and I plan to make a lino cut of the image for the final. We'll see. I enjoy the process of designing logos, I enjoy sinking into it. making lists at first and then translating words into imagery. This first part, the big brain dump of the sketches and rough ideas, presenting to the client and hopefully they like what they have been given, in this case they have. Then it's onto the next step of refining the idea down to their essence. I am grateful to have this particular type of work to focus on at this moment in time.

Pearl was home sick from school this week so my work schedule was a little light but I did get a few things done. My job as mom took precedence which was fine and in a way the simplest and most real thing to do. I am grateful that when she needs me most I can easily be there for her. There were some deeper family concerns as well during the week, which I won't discuss now. Am feeling pretty emotional about it all, lots of feelings about the past that I had neatly compartmentalized which are now bubbling up. It's all good I hope, time will tell. It always does.

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