Monday, July 13, 2009

Persitent Itchiness

There are some conflicts you encounter in your life that you just can't fix, no matter what. You reason, you cajole, you seek help through reading and research, you ponder, you entertain solutions, you consider writing letters to state your case, you blog, write poems, shake your fists, stomp about, shake your head.

Just for fun last week I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. I learned I am an INTJ, Rational Mastermind. INTJ, stands for introverted, innovative, thinking, judging. This is not a big surprise to me but it was interesting and explains a whole lot about my rational approach to things and my interest in finding solutions rather than asking why or laying blame. This persistent conflict that I have is emotionally draining and without a rational solution beyond a strict course of avoidance and disengagement. Patience and the passage of time will perhaps remedy it but it is so hard for my mind not to wander to that fantasy place where the problem is delineated clearly and unemotionally, possible solutions are rationally discussed, and a course of action is agreed upon and taken. In my perfect world we are all INTJ's and no one stomps their feet or gnashes their teeth and everyone is aware of how their behavior affects those around them and no one suffers from the crippling feelings of injustice.

It should be noted here that I also wish Hamas would recognize Israel as having the right to exist and that Iran should treat its citizens with dignity and respect. We'll see about that. As an eternal optimist I am always hopeful that a solution will be found to even the most destructive situations. It was pointed out to me many years ago by someone I knew quite well this is just another of my many character flaws.

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