Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring, It's Here!

Pearl and the neighbor play.

Iggy and the peonies bursting forth.

Ahh the Rhubarb remembered where it was.

Each year that I have had Rhubarb I lose it over the winter. It shrinks back to nothing somewhere in the earth and I am always amazed when it pops up seemingly out of nowhere. This year we are double lucky because it has been so cold there are no slugs yet. The Rhubarb leaves were able to unfurl with no one chewing on them. I hope the slugs never come back but of course that would signal some sort of ecological crisis and I am trying to avoid those. In fact I am happy to welcome all of the bees and other buzzy citizens of the garden as if my life depended on them. Which I think it does.

Just like the drunken abusive husband who sobers up and says he's sorry, spring has arrived in the nick of time smelling sweet, sounding like chirping birds and frogs and having the desired effect on everyone it touches. Spring is all about charm and promise and hope. I am totally sold on it, as crappy as I felt last week, this week I feel equally awesome and elated.

The pollen count will be off the charts but who cares. The temperature is above 45. I'm giddy with it.

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