Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pledge Drive

So I've been listening to the NPR pledge drive all week and I am feeling smug. I have donated money over the years but not an amount that nearly matched the pleasure I get daily from listening. Last year I signed up to pay them an amount monthly, it gets taken out of my account and I don't really feel it until it's time for the pledge drive. This year is the first year I have listened to the pledge drive completely guilt free. I am light and airy, listening and laughing along with my favorite KUOW hosts. I am proudly part of the 10% who pledge to public radio. The truth is I should pay hundreds per month for what I get out of the programming. I listen a lot, it's my main source of news and culture. It's on in my office, it's on in my car and in the house. When I am away at Mark's I stream it. It practically defines me.

Here's my pitch. If you listen, send them a few bucks or get on the payment plan. It's an amazing place to go to hear the voices of this planet. It gives me hope and makes me laugh, it keeps me tuned in and turned on.

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