Friday, August 15, 2014


3 flower heads of the same Hydrangea. Each globe at a different phase. Fantastic! 

The light has been almost ominous lately. Our hot days have ended for now. The sky is pale gray, the light feels flat but it's good for photographs. I popped out and took these pictures of the Hydrangea at the corner of my office,  I pass by it on my way to my desk everyday. I rush past things so often, there is so much to do. I feel like I never scratch the surface. Today I stopped and captured these before the brilliance drains right out of them. 

I took my bike out for a ride the other night and thought about Robin Williams in his final hours. I stayed out too long and rode home in the darkness and was thankful I didn't crash despite how disorienting the absence of the light was. I'm so sorry Robin was beyond the point that a good ride on one of his beloved bikes couldn't sort him out. 

We're all down here in the trenches, doing what it takes. Summer is divine even if the news and rain has changed our moods a little, it's still all so beautiful.


Rio Thomas said...

This is such a good reminder of the old adage to
'take time to smell the roses'/observe the hydrangeas/listen to the bird & frog songs. Thanks for the reminder Rowan.

Dreaming said...

Robin Williams lays heavy on my mind. I have such a hard time shaking it. Maybe I should get out my bike!
The Hydrangea are beautiful. We used to have them where we lived in SC. One shrub bloomed pink, another blue. One was impacted by water that drained from our washing machine!

Rowan Moore Seifred said...

The whole thing is precarious and fragile, like riding in the dark, like everything, like flowers, like clouds. I try to remember that nothing is permanent including the darkness.

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