Sunday, January 6, 2013


I wish I was more focused, so I could just think
of one thing at a time forever like a person
I once heard on the radio who studied
wasps his whole life. The insects not the people
white anglo-saxon protestants who can't be hugged
or seen naked, or dancing. One thing your whole life
without deviation or let up. So I think what if I
stopped trying to do anything but eat sleep breathe
dream screw work and forget everything else
cars hats cats trees dishes dancing sewing seeing
would it be easier better? Or would I wake up
one day and be empty of leaves beads candles
glasses shirts patterns wool with no way to do
my work because all the little pieces of desire
my desire to try everything taste it and smell it
touch it is what makes my work my work and focus
is not one thing but everything. Wasps are everywhere
the insects and the people doing their waspish dances
naked and alive focused and not, making and doing
building mud homes and mud ovens because they
are driven mad if they don't and that is worse not
better than any single idea I could have to hold hard
cold fast and forever.

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