Monday, February 6, 2012

Long vs Short

The trouble with writing longer posts is that they take time which seems always to be in short supply. Shorter posts are like taking my pulse on any given day and if this blog is what I think it is, a record, then maybe there should be both types. Long thoughtful posts and short quippy ones. I won't sacrifice one for the other. What I worry about of course is that I will discover that I am only interesting in short bursts and when I have time to think about things more thoroughly the results will be akin to eating butterless day old toast. I suppose this is a risk I have to take. At any rate I am being a good girl and reading my book and knitting and going for walks and I have been dreaming like crazy and not waking up suddenly and suspecting I am dead. So that's something, and you heard it here first and it was efficient.

1 comment:

Cupcake Murphy said...

I think you're tip top whether you're long or short or medium or hybrid.

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