Friday, November 13, 2009

With this Stick

I have been suffering and those around me have been suffering too, primarily Mark. Some months ago the internal aircard in my laptop started to take a major crap. My laptop is not a mere device for me it is in fact my lifeline. It is how I make my living. Living where I live there is no alternative to the painfully slow dial-up. We have no cable, no DSL. So when I need to send some jumbo files or even just look at a website I have to venture out of the comfort and safety of my office to the public library or a local coffee shop. Of course on my weekly trips up to Mark's place I could avail myself of his wireless without effort, that was until something unseen happened to my trusty aircard. It just sort of stopped several months ago. Now I pride myself on being a fairly calm and reasonable person but step in the way of my revenue stream and I will kick your ass. Not being able to access the wonderful world wide interweb at a whim on my beautiful shiny laptop was distressing to say the least. And so it was that more often than not I found myself swearing and gnashing my teeth much to the horror of my relaxed and pleasure inclined partner.

I did what I could to try and solve the problem. I consulted people, read articles online, tried different little things. Nothing really worked and the problem got worse. This week I spent several hours in the library and the coffee shop unable to get a job off to the printer. I whined about it to Mark and then, like manna from heaven, Mark, in his matter of fact way suggested I get one of these USB "sticks" which would bypass the cancerous aircard and connect me without incident to that great banquet of treasures known as the world wide web. I had been this close (look at my fingers) to sending the laptop to Eugene of all places for a total aircardectomy. It would have cost around 200 bucks plus 2 fedex overnights, not to mention the stress of sending away this tool, this device, which makes it possible for me to walk this earth, to eat and breathe. What would I do without my computer for 3 days? What? I jumped on the stick idea. I found one online for 50 bucks, paid a little extra for 2 day air and there it was, delivered to my door today.

Of course nothing is ever as easy as you want it to be. When I sat down tonight to install the whole thing I suddenly could not remember the password required to update things on my laptop, the anticiaption had suddenly emptied my head and with my anger rising, so easily as it does and Mark getting short with me which he almost never does, I took a deep breath. I recalled my password finally and by some miracle the aircard worked just long enough to download the drivers I needed and I was able to get the miracle stick to work. So here I am once again, happy and relaxed with my adoring husband at my side surfing the web. Phew. Thanks Maxpower, you saved my marriage.

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