Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In residency here at the Chuckanut Brewery in Bellingham. Waiting for friends to arrive, sitting with my little friend the laptop, my constant companion. One friend has just left, gone on to a meeting and I have a little time to kill. It's dark out now and raining and the bar is only marginally busy. They were playing Johnny Cash which always raises my spirits but honestly by this hour of the day my spirits are generally good. I have done some work, some chores and errands and listened while a friend processed some thoughts, all in all a great day. While I am alone at this very moment I am feeling quite connected to the world via the interweb and my general good vibe, which I feel is far reaching. Soon I will walk outside and feed the dog who has been in my car the whole afternoon, I will walk her and return to my command post here in the bar. It's a good reminder that everyday offers us a choice, today I chose happy, pure and simple and not to be a gluton about it or anything I may choose it again tomorrow. Just because I can.

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