Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wonder Drug

I am pretty sure the vitamin D therapy is working. I took 50,000IU twice a week for 4 weeks and while I hate to go all religious on y'all I truly feel like something vaguely miraculous has occurred. My low level gnawing depression seems to be subsiding.

I joked about this last week but perhaps there is some truth to it. I am descendant from Northern people, people who have suffered since time immemorial from a lack of light. When I was a kid living in Northern B.C. winter days were pretty short, we spent a lot of time looking forward to spring break-up. A month ago I considered taking anti-depressants almost as a last resort. I am a really positive person but my ass was seriously dragging no matter what uplifting messages I gave myself.

Last summer when I needed my D July was shit. We had 21 days without sun. That's not summer that's some sort of climate change apocalypse. The depression took hold then and has remained, ebbing and flowing until a few days ago when I realized the tide was receding on the grayness I was feeling. I actually feel good despite the cool and crappy weather we have been having. So needless to say I am going to be eating vitamin D like Hot Tamales, and enjoying my fabulous life as much as is legally possible.

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